Welcome to Lionel Loves Abby

I first met Abby in 1998.  Her brother used to pick up comics at the Paperback Bazaar, a bookstore that remains to this day one of the coolest places I've been to.

We talked briefly about comics.  She was into the Chester Brown - Seth - Clowes variety, while I was sullenly reading Lucifer.

Fast forward to 2003, when I was on the outs with my ex-fiancée.  We spoke again briefly at Bull Moose Records, and then she went to California for several years.

Life happened.  She was over there doing her thing helping her uncle, a real estate magnate.  On my side, little worthwhile was happening.  I got suckered into two weeks near captivity in a condo the owner was trying to evict my "landlord" from, then tried to consult on a 1500-website project but wound up stuffed in an apartment over an antique store with an ever-growing collection of closeout antiques.  I had a girlfriend briefly after that until I biked 19 miles one summer weekend, work uniform stuffed in my shirt, only to find a Dear John note on the door.

We didn't reconnect until the summer of 2011, when I would mopily slouch into the local Starbucks for cold, caffeinated comfort.  We spoke briefly then about horror, and she began a lovingly mad series of Google searches for the only Lionel on the internet.  In October she finally found me and connected with an anonymous Twitter account with a man's name and a professed interest in stalking.

I was horrified I'd found another pseudo-landlord type and shied away from talking.

Nothing major happened until my grouchy best friend at the time brought his equally grouchy baby mama with their kid to Starbucks with me around Black Friday weekend.

Abby's friend and co-worker brought her from hiding out back and we spoke briefly.  The rest was history, and we dated, and went steady, and got engaged, and married within eight months. 

It's been a wonderful five years together.  I've been meaning to start this blog to reminisce, to write about the present, daydream about the future, and, someday, find another way to continue her Lyme disease funding.

So, here it is.  I hope you can subscribe today so you can see how our blog grows.

Thank you,